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Nordic Beauty Company

Nordic Beauty Company, NSK started in 2017 and is run by Jelena Tomic. 
Jelena is a registered nurse with several years of experience in emergency care, primary care and home care.

Jelena has been trained in aesthetic injection treatments at Inject Academy in Stockholm. NSK is certified for aesthetic injection by the Council for Aesthetic Treatments in Sweden (REBS) and has patient insurance for injection treatments via Folksam.

NSK offers beauty care in the form of aesthetic injection treatments with fillers and botox.

At the Nordic Beauty Company, only top 
quality products are used by Vivacy / Stylage, Ipsen / Dysport botulinum toxin (Type A) in 

Beauty is personal. I always listen to your wishes in the first place and offer treatments based on your unique circumstances. You will feel safe and taken care of when you step inside the door as well as well-informed and get answers to all your questions before the treatment.